Walkin on the street one daaay
I see this fine young ladaaay
I say, W’sup, honaaay?
She say her name is Swathaaay
Swathaaay’s here to partaaay
Down where the palms them swaaay

I see this girl
She wear stilettos
She teetas on daggas
But you know, somewhere in her little old
Three five, uh two five, uh three five
She gots a knife hid away
Like a sharp cold dagga
To play you with
Stick you with

I says
Baby if you was in the Garden
The Garden of Eden
You’d have the mind of the snake
With the body of Eve

She was bad
You believe me now
She was dangerous
She’s been burning moths all night long

They say
Too much of anythang
Ain’t good for you baby, oh no
But that girl she turns
Turns and whispers in my ear
Just a little bit, I promise it won’t hurt
I promise….

There was green lights flashin everywhere
I couldn’t believe
She was givin the green light
I couldn’t believe
She was gonna do this to me!

I says
I swear
If you was in the Garden of Eden
You’d have the mind of the snake
And the body of Eve….

She was ba-a-a-a-a-a-ad
You best believe now
She’s a flame
She been burnin moths all night all night long

She took me up through the garden
Where the bright deadly flowers grow
To the big tree with the bright red luscious
Luscious fruit, baby
And she reach up and take one and hold it before me

No, I says No!
You can’t do this to me, Swathaaay!!
You can’t do this to a man!!!

But all around they was just flashing
Just them green lights flashin
And Swathaaay
She’s here to partaaay

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