give me rice or give me death

What the Cantonese, the Hakka, the Hailamese and the other types of people in the subtropical Asia Pacific got in common is a higher tolerance for being politically subjugated. They — I mean we — have a higher tolerance for being part of a group that is another group’s bitch. I guess You could call this «culture». It’s embedded in the whole way of life that evolved probably whenever Southeast Asians started making puddles and growing rice. Yeah. Give me rice or give me death. You didn’t hear it here first.

The only thing the Hakka or the Hoklos or the Shanghainese will go to war over is a lack of rice. Leaf through some pages of history if You want. It’s full of stories about subtropical Asians rising up during rice shortages. You can read about uprisings that took place for honor or whatever, but only if You find a writer that cherry-picks that kind of encounter. Or if You go back to 17th century times. Then You see massive Hoklo and Hakka uprisings in places like Manila, where they went to work and trade and ended up trying to take it away from the Spanish White man. Them times long gone.

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