why the republic of china subsidizes hakka education but not hokkien education

寫 hō͘ 一个南洋个朋友个批信、有關是 ánchóaⁿ「中華台北」政權有 teh 補助客語教學 kah 客語學、soah 無 teh 補助台語教學 kah 台語學。


In the “foreign” Hoklophone imagination, the ROC is Taiwan, and the ROC is working to preserve and enable Hokkien in the world. The reality is quite the opposite. This might be hard for You to believe, but keep in mind that the existence of Hokkien has always been a thorn in the side of the-ROC-on-Taiwan. In a sense, this is just another chapter in the hate affair between the modern state and all languages besides the one it proclaims “standard”. (The Malaysian state is very atypical, and most European states are already “post-“.) The status of Mandarin as “national” language in a Hoklophone-majority “territory” has always been a powerful clue among others that the-ROC-on-TW is illegitimate (which it is). The ongoing death of Hokkien and other bumi languages on Taiwan is very much in the ROC’s favor.

The ROC’s official line (as recently voiced by KMT politician 洪秀柱) is that unlike Hakka and the bahasa-bahasa orang asli, “everybody can speak Taiwanese”. Taiwanese is not in danger of extinction — therefore, no need for national funding to further the study or maintenance of Hokkien. It’s not hard to see that throwing money at the “maintenance” of Hakka and the bahasa2 orang asli is also a shrewd divide-and-conquer tactic straight out of the Dutch-at-Batavia playbook…

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