nerds + capitalism = revenge

Something I’ve noticed bit by bit over time is that a lot of brainy guys come of age and grow into this quiet, steely, “revenge of the nerds” mindset. Their politics and sense of fairness is built around it. They think society should be set up as a game where You can grab and control resources by being smart, or smart and diligent. If You lose, it’s on You.

In practice You tend to start out talking about the substance of this or that public or political issue. You may not have time to get deep enough into the underlying philosophy to suss out the “revenge of the nerds, thrival of the smartest” complex. You can go there if You want, but they can reach endlessly into the language of business, law and economics to protect their “center”. They’ve got capitalist creed stacked on their side. They dare You to take them down. They know You can’t. They know it’s bullshit, but so was what they went through as kids, or at nightclubs at the age of twenty three.

I’ve seen Anglo-Saxon types privately call this a Jewish thing. My experience tends to refute that. Most of the avenging nerds I know are East or South Asian males raised in English-speaking North America. I’m from that demographic too, so I have a pretty good idea how they got to be that way. Society was unkind and unyielding at one point. Now it’s too late for compassion. The nerds suffered through the lean years. Now it’s they time to reap the fat. Hate the game, not the player. Or something like that. I want to say they make me sick, but truth is the whole thing makes me sick. The whole concept of living and letting live was doomed from some point way upstream from where we at now.

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