charles woodson and mýa

Mýa came on a local radio station this morning for an interview. Mýa! It’s like a classmate from way back. You just glad they still around, still learning, still yearning. Station bumped her new single, “Welcome to My World”. Y’all can keep the labels but I dig the, uh, intimations of matriarchy that’s “laced” throughout the track. I gotta say the bleached skin threw my inner child off, looking at the recent photos, but maybe it’s just makeup and lighting. I ain’t been paying attention, so…

To end on the first note, guess who the man once again in the Oakland Raider defensive backfield? Charles Woodson, leading the NFL with five picks  through Week 8, old as time in football years but playing young. I’ma feel like a kid too as long as he can keep on.

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