the openminded activist

It ain’t easy being an openminded activist. I suspect that to act You’ve got to close that mind somewhat. If your mind is too open, You see through action. All this is by nature. This is the first level of why it ain’t easy to be an openminded activist.

Part 2 of the hardness ensues with the group nature of effective action. To get things done, we’ve got to work together, so we get together in groups centered on action. The group tends to settle on some kind of dogma as “lowest common denominator”, or, better yet, “greatest common factor”. Over time the dogma takes over the group mind. Any openminded take on the situation is seen as a waste of time. The openminded snowflake is urged to back the hell away from the mike.

Closed minds may not mind, but this kind of climate can be a real grind for open minds.

Let me throw some solutions out there, in hopes that better ones will follow.

On a personal level, don’t make “activist” part of your identity. Just act. Just do it. If the idiocy of the pack gets to You, step out. Smoke something, maybe.

On a group level, maybe openminded activists need to do a better job of getting together. Out there, the open minds is mostly all-is-lost-so-just-go-with-it types. The activists is largely packbound, dogmatic, even hysterical and intolerant. The stress from dealing with these morons can be incredible. Maybe openminded activists need to associate among ourselves.

One model from nature might be fungi. We don’t need offices, ceremonies, banners, etc. We just need to be flexibly, adaptively, organically, deeply in touch.

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