the myth of merit

I spoke to an old friend. I spoke to such an old friend it feel like we childhood friends, which isn’t the case. Somehow I got to talking about the Setup. Then it hit me. We used to be on the same page, but he stayed on it, and I moved on — except he said I was never ever on it. Who knows, he could be right.

Like many others, he believes resources shouldn’t be “given” to all evenly. That’d be unfair. Instead, if You smarter, You should get more. If You work harder, You should get more. I once believed the same thing. I believed it for a long, long time. When I look back upon what it took for me to dis-believe it, I lose my mind a little inside … cause it wasn’t just deep thought. It wasn’t just reading a good book or hearing a tight talk at the right time. It was setbacks.

If I could trip back in time and speak to the man I was at twenty three, could I get him to see that resources ain’t “given”, that the right to eat, drink, grow and roam ain’t allotted? That that’s the wrong mind-frame, unless You mean some kind of god’s doing it — but that’s surely not what You mean?

How could I ever convince the man I was at twenty that much of the stuff he was learning in school was wrong, when the right answers ain’t all clear-cut like the wrong ones was?

Podría contarle de la verdad pero no podría contarle la verdad, por que qué sé yo. I can bring You truth, but I can’t bring You the Truth, cause what do I know?

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