live free and die

The weakness of the Ming and Manchu empires led to the open slaughter of tens of thousands of so-called Chinese people during quick urban massacres in places like Manila, Jakarta, Saigon and some island off the coast of Luzon. The Chinese kind of remember this. What they don’t remember is the tens of thousands of people that was murdered on home soil by the Ming and Manchu empires.

Today’s so-called «Chinese» also forget the killers killed for different reasons. For example, Manila took place — more than once — cause the Hoklos was taking the place over. The Spanish had to get rid of them to regain full control of their lucrative slave colony, their seven thousand islands full of gold, wood … and Pinays. But Saigon took place cause the Hoklos and Cantos sided with the king against the rebels. When the rebels took Saigon, they planted whole fields full of dead Hoklos and Cantos that had helped the king against the rebels.

Moral of the story? Never help no king against no rebel. It’s no such thing as a good king, only kings with good P.R. It’s no such thing as a bad rebel, if s/he real.

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