not just colonized, but anglo-colonized

They say Trump once laid some people off and said, “Now y’all ain’t just unemployed. Y’all Trump-unemployed.”

That brings to mind India, Malaysia and the Philippines, among others. They wasn’t just colonized. They was Anglo-colonized.

While Vietnam, Indonesia and them ride off into the post-colonial sunset, India, Malaysia and the Phils (IMP!) just kind of sit and recycle their colonial mindsets into new shapes over and over and over.

Sometimes they stop to thank God. Anglo colonization set up much of their industrial base to get took over by Yankee corporations over time, so giving the people of IMP more of what they think they want: a job at a Yankee corporation.

If not a fat spot in the civil service, where every servant wants to be like last century’s Anglos @ Asia: get paid, get laid, stay in the shade.

For everybody else, there’s the Emirates. Thanks to Anglo colonization, IMP workers can’t be beat on that track.

A lot of IMP’s problems that won’t go away apparently come right from the Anglo-colonial, born-to-be-neoliberal mindsets that’s mixed into everybody’s life-giving brown soda. That’s why India, Malaysia and the Phils share so many of the same problems.

Anglo colonization ain’t a thing of the past. The Anglo elite caste just found a leaner, cleaner way to colonize IMP.

Let’s be fair. It’s hard out here for an ex-Anglo colony. We been in the golden age of Anglo power all this time. Decolonization was and is genuinely tougher for ex-Anglo colonies. How about let’s face this?

We talked the talk of decolonization. Now let’s walk it.

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